Monday, January 24, 2011


I just had a very intense dream with a dolphin. (I don't want to post the dream.) I've had encounters with dolphins before in a few spirit journeys a while ago. I realized I've never researched this much, but I feel that it is very important at the moment that I finally pay some attention to my relationship (whatever it is) with dolphins.

So I wonder if anyone can give me some hints and inspirations about dolphin lore, your own experiences, good documentaries, inspiring fiction about dolphins etc.

Searching the forum I've already found very beautiful poetry by Entwife and I also know Poseidon and Mannannan are associated with dolphins, but that's as much as I have at the moment. I'm open to various stuff about dolphins, not just as the companion of a deity (although that could also be interesting). I hope getting various suggestions from others might inspire me in which direction I need to look.

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