Monday, January 17, 2011

Celtic Cat Goddess?

Okay, so I have been practicing my Pagan belief system for almost six years now and have recently come to a bit of a snag. I am formerly been drawn to worship the God and Goddess as just faceless deities, but my spirit urges me to connect with a Goddess I see in my dreams and meditations. I tend to have a rather Celtic flair in my path and so what I am seeing and what I know are conflicting a little bit right now. I see a Cat Goddess, she is VERY much like Bast of the Egyptian pantheon, only it is not her. She holds no Egyptian symbolism or regalia. She looks more Celtic, she holds more celtic symbolism, but she is like an echo of Bast.

I have looked and looked in countless books and websites for information about a Celtic Cat Goddess, but I can't find any. And any small fragments about cats in Celtic Mythology have little to do with what this Goddess represents or says when she comes to me. I don't really know how I feel about mixing pantheons, because I feel that they are like families and mixing Egyptian with Celtic is a bit odd for me. I'm just unsure about how to go about this. Whenever I ask if I am supposed to adopt a more Egyptian path she tells me no, but then when I ask her how to incorporate her into my Celtic Path she is silent and just stares at me like I already know. And perhaps I do, but I am not conscious of it. I am asking for some outside perspective here. It would be greatly appreciated.

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