Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pentacle = Wicca? (Or, The Wearing Of Symbols)

Another pentagram from Agrippa's book. This on...Image via Wikipedia

I tend to think of the pentacle as a symbol with a rich history and many meanings. I don't exactly go around dripping with occult jewelry, but I do own a few pieces which are pentacular in nature. I personally associate it with witchcraft and magick and certain old philosophical systems.

But the pentagram-in-circle is also claimed by Wiccans as a somewhat "official" religious symbol. I'm neither Wiccan nor particularly Wiccish, but if wearing a pentacle have sometimes been assumed to be.

I'm curious as to how others in the Pagan community (however one chooses to define that vague term) tend to see it. If you see someone wearing a pentacle, do you assume "Wiccan"? If you're an unWiccish sort, do you ever wear one?

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