Sunday, June 21, 2009

God-Bothered? Completely Overwhelmed Beginner... Dedication?

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I've had a very interesting life when it comes to religion. It seems to chase me. As in, I was raised secularly, and was an atheist...until I had an incredibly powerful experience that led me to believe in some sort of Higher Power. That's how everything seems to work for me...I try to go about living my life how I want to, when suddenly something new will pop into my face. Such as dreaming of angels when I didn't really believe in them, to the point where I started getting hassled by them even when I was awake.

And now I'm getting hassled by a god. I didn't even really believe gods and goddesses existed...but yet again it seems someone's just out to prove me wrong.

The thing is, it's been hard for me dealing with this. Very hard. And the other day something about a "dedication" was mentioned, but not explained. I feel so lost and overwhelmed. My friends told me I'm "god-bothered", and I'm beginning to realize it's futile to try and keep ignoring things. But I don't know what all this dedication would entail, and the last thing I want to do is anger a god.

Is there anyone else here who kinda got pushed or hassled into paganism? Any tips? Thank you guys!

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