Thursday, June 18, 2009

Current TCN Closing -- New NING TCN Opening

Beware of Ning friend requestsImage by Wesley Fryer via Flickr

The current version of TCN: The Cauldron Network is being replaced by a new TCN. The old version on Kickapps has been somewhat popular, but it has turned out to have a couple of major disadvantages:

1) I selected it as a place to store member pictures, not as a social network. It's a great place to store pictures, but it is not much as a social Network.

2) It has become a spam magnet over the last couple of months with random Spammers creating profiles to link spam their web sites. I have been deleting an average of three spam accounts a day there -- and have probably missed some.

The new TCN is set up on Ning and is much more like what you are expected if you were expecting a social network. The members who tried the beta love it. It is a closed network. When you sign up, you will have to give your TC membername and a staff member will have to approve your membership before you can do anything but look around. This will stop the spammers in their tracks.

You can reach the new TCN at -- it will replace the link to TCN on the menu bar in the next day or so. The old TCN will remain available (at a new link to be posted here) for a week or two so members can grab anything off of it they wish to. It is closed to new members as of now, but the new TCN is open now at:

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