Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Strange Sensations While Meditating?

I was meditating last night, and I started feeling really weird. It started out as feeling like I was floating through space, which was cool. But then it started feeling like a combination of floating through space, riding a roller coaster, being drunk, and having an asthma attack. (I have asthma, so I know how an attack feels.) I noticed my heart was beating quite a bit faster. I opened my eyes and it was gone immediately. I wanted to continue what I was doing, so I closed my eyes, and I immediately felt like I was in a meditative state again. But then within a few seconds, the strange sensation occured.

Is that what's supposed to happen. I was hoping to go into a trance, and it almost felt like one. Has anyone else ever had that happen, or did I just happen to have an asthma attack at an inconvenient time?

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