Thursday, December 11, 2008

At the Start of the Year...

With this year coming down to an end, I think many of us can sit back and go "What the hell just happened?". Not only to our personal lives, but to our friends, family and loved ones both near and far.

This year seems to have been not only chaotic, but historical for sure. Here in the States we have Obama as our first black president. Our Economy blows and our jobs are being lost left and right. Fires still roared on the West, drought still found all around and becoming worse.

It's been a bad year for many of us and I have been curious for my self, and others here on our board what do you plan on doing at the Start of the Year?

Personally for me is to gather once again. Two years ago, near three, a former friend of mind "started" a group of us to get together and speak about magical things. It was nice to have close friends once a month together, laughing, talk and eating. I think that I am going to start this up again, but not necessarily in the magical context as the former.

Many people have become lost in this frenzy we call "Modern Times" where few of us are capable of sitting. Everyone feels this rush-rush-rush here, that there is never enough time to spend with friends,family and loved ones. To that, I say bleh onto you!

I truly feel that it is time that we, as humans, take a step back and recollect our selves. To have our friends come to our home, no matter, and have dinner with them and laugh about stupid things. Not to go out to the movies, to a diner, to a mall. Our world is moving to fast and all of us are becoming more and more fragile to things.

What are you wanting to do to ease what has been done this year?

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