Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The History of Modern Yule and Christmas Traditions?

This thread is intended to discuss the common roots and the different development of related traditions in Christianity and Pagan religions. I wonder what we would get if we look at it with a positive attitude, not ask 'who stole what from whom?' but how different religions did inspire each other in the development of their traditions. Smiley

As most of you know Christianity adapted some of its Christmas traditions from ancient Pagan religions. I wonder if Christianity has therefore inspired Neopagan religions in return.

Have modern Yule traditions been derived from historical sources about ancient Pagan traditions or from Pagan-rooted traditions in a Christian context?

So have some ancient Pagan Yule tradition gone through a Christian transitory before they appeared in Neopagan Yule traditions?

How do you think Neopagan traditions are affected by this?

Is there still an influence of each other in celebrating Yule/Christmas today?

Thanks for your answers and thoughts.

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