Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tarot Correspondences?

I use different correspondences than most people do for the elements in relation to the tarot suits.

So my question is, do you use "book" definitions for the correspondences (elemental or otherwise), and why or why not?

For myself, I gave up on the books for the elements at least. I'll have to go back and see what other correspondences I have (it's been awhile, several moves and stuff still is not unpacked).

For Cups, I have water. That is the only common denominator between my correspondences and the common ones. My reasoning is pretty obvious, a cup holds water (or other liquids).

For Swords, I have fire. When I think of a sword, I think of the process it takes to make one (forging), which require fire. I also think of the fiery souls of those who wield a sword to anything resembling a decent display.

For Wands, I have earth. Wand from branch, from tree, which grows in... you guessed it, earth. I also associate it with growing things.

For Pentacles, I have air. I had to think long and hard about this, and because of this association, I revamped this several times. I ended up coming back to this. Pentacles, whether seen as a coin, or as a design are something more mental than anything. As a coin, it can show commerce which is a mental design in and of itself. As a symbol, it is based in the ideals of a religion, community, or any group of people in general. Both of these lead back to the mind, which I have always connected with air. (I know other connect the mind to fire, which I always connect to the soul).

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