Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pagans and the Poverty Level

I come across more pagans who are at the lower end of the pay-scale than I do those who are in high income brackets. Pagans I meet always seem to be just getting by or barely getting by. Granted, the rise in paganism is mostly among younger people yet to make their mark on the world, but even so, the ones I know don't seem to place climbing a corporate ladder or acquiring vast sums in a bank account very high on their list of priorities.

It seems to me Pagans in general (there are always exceptions) place at lot of emphasis on their spirituality and actually living that spirituality, basically, putting into practice what they believe. The professionals I have met, usually have more service oriented careers; teachers, counselors, social workers, etc. Pagan students seem to have similars ideals and gravitate to the arts, human services, or environmentalism.

I would like to ask:

How is personal prosperity measured in relation to your path? Is it important to you to make a positive contribution to the world through a career choice or way of life? How do you balance your spirituality with the materialistic world?

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