Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking for Slavic Recon Information

I did a search on Slavic Paganism on the board and came up with some great information but I still have a few question(s). I hope that anyone with any information answers my question(s) and not just those into Recon/Slavic Paganism.

When it comes to Slavic Paganism/Recon, a lot of the information out there is based off of folklore. I'm mainly looking for Polish paganism but because that is not widely available, I have also been looking at Russian (we are after all, all bound together by the 3 brothers - Lech, Czech, & Rus for those familiar with the legend).

So, if you are studying this path of paganism, but can not find too much information, do you take comfort in the legends/folklore that is readily available? I guess what I'm getting at is, is that because folklore and legends are supposed to have been based on true events, can one take them as the basis for ones path?

I'm in the process of wanting to make my own personal grimoire containing a collection of Slavic Paganism/Recon beliefs. But without any sort of written word or text to go off of, are legends/folklore an accepted source of information to go off of?

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