Friday, August 15, 2008

Personal Tenets

I've been reading Isaac Bonewits' Essential Druidry and it got me thinking about what my tenets were.

1. Don't believe or do things unless you know why - and "because we've always done it" or "because X does it" is not a reason.

2. Beliefs are not set in stone - experiences or talking with other people may change them.

3. Other people's beliefs may be different from mine. This does not necessarily mean they're wrong.

4. Don't convert people.

5. Scholarship is the backbone of my practice. However, if the scholarship is not used, it is useless.

6. Paganism is not just something to be done at the weekends, it's part of my life.

7. If you don't know the answer, either go away and think about it and then come back to the person who asked the question and answer them or tell them you don't know.

What are your tenets?

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