Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Long And Short Of It

I blame Koi!

Quoting Koi: "Now I think we need a thread where everyone gives their long, explanatory title ... and what they typically shorten it to."

Well, I have 'Kemetic Feri Discordian' in my short line, which is a decent summation, I suppose; those are three things with names. I actually mostly just say 'Kemetic', as that's the basis of where I'm coming from, but it doesn't help communication much 'cause most people haven't heard of it.

If I were being comprehensively descriptive I'd probably have to go with something like:

Secularly-raised Setian Kemetic neo-reconstructionist ecstatic mystic heretic pledged to Hethert, dedicated to Wepwawet, and beloved of Khnum, student of the Anderson Feri tradition (Morningstar line; hoping to train in Blackheart line as well) with a heavy kitchen-witch and hearth-guardian sensibility, heavily leavened with ancestral influences (particularly Slavic folk customs, some Irish lore, and a ladleful of dwojwierny), part-time disciple of the Discordian saint Sri Syadasti, dabbler in spirit dealings drawn primarily to Bluejay, with half-assed influence from a variety of sources that illuminate my personal understanding of Egyptiana, including particularly a smattering of Judaism, Hinduism (especially Shaivite Hinduism), Shinto, and West African Traditional Religions and the African Diaspora Religions.

With eclectic shared practice with primarily-family, thus heavily neo-recon-Celtic influenced.

If the thing that's distinctly dual-trad at the moment manages to synthesise into a syncretic jobbie, its name will be something like Ab Khem.

And this is why I wrote the Cauldron article on how not to screw up eclecticism!

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