Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Diety to Grow Old With?

How important is it to you to have a deity that understands aging? Has your pantheon changed or do you think it will change as a reflection of your age advancement?

For me personally, I no longer feel very connected to Goddesses of Beauty & Fertility. This is a bit of a problem because as far as I can tell the Egyptian deities, who I have always felt drawn to, are ageless or forever youthfull and fertile. There isn't one that I am aware of that changes with age. I believe in other pantheons however, this can happen. I have found I have been gravitating to the darker more shadowy beings like Neith.

I don't see my age advancement as needing an underworld deity at my side (yet anyway, I'm not 90!) just one that can be sympathetic and that I can gain strength and comfort from during a new chapter in my life.

I would be happy to hear of any deity recommendations for the second half of life!

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