Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can Two Different Beliefs Both Be Correct?

This is something that I have been contemplating for some time now, but unfortunately I feel I am going to be just as incoherent in my words now as I would have been a couple of weeks ago. Please bear with me!

When it comes to matters of religion, people hold very different and often conflicting beliefs to one another. For instance, my MIL believes that Judgement Day is just around the corner and her god is going to choose a select number of people to rule with him in heaven. She believes this to be the absolute truth, and she believes it with every fibre of her being. She even refers to her religion as 'the truth'.

I on the other hand most certainly don't believe this! That belief just doesn't work for me, and thus my religious beliefs are completely different. And thus conflicting. Although my MIL would not be happy to hear what my religious beliefs were and would try to convert me to her beliefs because that's what she believes she is supposed to do, I am fine with her holding her beliefs. I don't care that they conflict with mine. I believe that religion is a very personal thing, and thus would never try to convert anybody to my own beliefs. Just because they work for me, it doesn't mean they're going to work for someone else.

Yet when all said and done, I feel as if this train of thought has a very serious flaw. How on earth can do completely different, completely separate, completely conflicting religious beliefs both be right? My MIL would clearly state that only her beliefs are right, and that everybody elses are wrong. One thing I like about TC is that the majority of people here respect an individual's religious freedom. Including myself. And yet does this mean that I'm secretly thinking to myself; only my beliefs are right, and everyone elses' are all wrong? Because I'm not thinking that in the slightest... but how can I say that two beliefs are both the truth? I can't. To me, it defies logic.

And so, I'm confused.

If anyone has any musings whatsoever on this subject, I'd like to hear them. Sorry for the long-winded post.

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