Monday, July 21, 2008

Is This Religious Discrimination? Is It Wrong?

So lets say that someone goes to a new dentist, and while he fixes her teeth just fine, she realizes that all the inspirational/quasi-religious posters in his office and waiting room say "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" on them. Other than the posters in the office, she is not subjected to any sort of proselytism.

After she goes home, and the Novocaine wears off, she googles the guy. She finds his church's online newsletter archives and find several articles written by him that espouse views completely contrary to her own...on matters such as women's rights, reproductive freedom, and so forth. The dentist is clearly very involved with his church, and claims to give more than the required tithe.

Because of this, she decides to find a new dentist, despite the fact that her root canal was a stunning success. She can't stand the idea that her money is part of a tithe supporting a church with views with which she vehemently disagrees.

Did she do the right thing? Why or why not?

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