Friday, February 16, 2007

Making a Staff?

I've got a sassafrass sappling with the root that I am carving into a staff. I pulled it from a sassafrass grove that has hundreds of little sapplings around three large sassafrass trees. They stand at the top of a hill in a cattle field.

Not long after gathering the staff, I ran across a rather large amethyst crystal with a tapered root that would be a perfect fit for the top of the staff. So much to the point that my gut told me that it was "perfect" for my staff.

But I am not sure about the compatibility between amethyst and sassafras. I see sassafras as having a Mars energy (sources I've found say Mercury and Jupiter), or perhaps draconian. Amethyst is, in general, a more subtle energy when used in jewelry. But in the past I've found Amethyst points great for drawing large amounts of energy and directing it, much like quartz, but the "suction" (for lack of a better word) is a lot greater than that of clear quartz.

I'm not even sure of the qualities of sassafras other than as root bark to brew tea from or burn as incense for healing or money. Does the wood have different qualities than the root bark?

If anyone here makes staffs (staves?), I'd appreciate general wood carving advice, advice on use and care, and ideas that I may be able to add to my overall design. Thank you in advance.

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