Friday, February 23, 2007

Asatru on YouTube

I was searching around on YouTube yesterday evening (looking up this and that.. with no particular destination in mind.. well I started looking up funny stuff, moved on to ghost-evp-hauntings stuff, then I had a thought to look up Asatru) and there is a guy, Mike Smith from New Hampshire, who is doing a series on Asatru, and what it's about, including Gods and Goddesses, the Norns and concepts of time, terminology etc. I found them to be quite informative.

So far he has posted 5 different videos, most of them are pretty long (like 10-15 minutes long) so if you have dial-up you may want to consider downloading it to your PC.

Anyway, here is the first introduction video to the series:
What is Asatru? Series Introduction

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