Monday, February 12, 2007

The Appearances of Religion?

In another thread, Peter said the following about his children: "I've never gotten them to really do anything that appears religious within any kind of pagan context."

I saw this comment and my mind wandered off in a completely different direction from Peter discussion of whether or not non-practicing people really are part of their religion.

"Appears religious"?

Do our concepts of what a religion is and what it does limit our ability to "see" some things as religion? More importantly, do these concepts limit our ability to interact with some deities?

We humans seem to have a fairly set notion of what a religion should be like -- but does our idea of what a religion needs to be like stem from the needs of the Gods or from our human needs?

Given the large number of very different Gods, it seems odd to me that they would all want basically the same type of religion from their followers. Perhaps they do, but what if they don't? Could some of the disconnection we humans feel from our gods come from trying to make them fit into our "this is what religion is like" box?

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