Friday, December 16, 2005

Message Board Back

Our Message Board is back -- and has been upgraded to Beehive Forums 0.6.2 in the process.

For those who do not know what happened. Our server's hard drive started have problems yesterday. Fortunately, Bob had been planning to upgrade the drive after Christmas. Unfortunately, it elected to have problems while Bob was home sick.

He dragged himself into work today mainly to fix this server. It took most of the day to fix -- get a fresh backup of the database, install the new hard drice, install a new version of the system (hey -- it's a great chance to upgrade the OS -- the server's already down), restore files and databases, etc.

When Bob finished that, I updated the board to Beehive 0.6.2 -- which should give us search again (although who nows what else is broken), and turned the board on again.

Let's give Bob three cheers for servce above and beyond the call of duty.

Things to note:

* The board was up briefly this morning. Any messages posted then have been lost. Sorry.

* This modded copy of 0.6.2 has not been tested as much as we usually test things or there may be bugs we do not know about. (Of course, there always are no matter how much we test.)

* Java chat is no more, we'll be using the Flash Chat we have been testing.

* CauldronMUX is temporarily offline. It did not back up for some reason. Bob is gong to attempt to get it off the old hard drive. Considering he is under the weather, however, I doubt it will be his first priority in life (and it should not be).

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