Friday, December 09, 2005

Are Pagan Families That Rare?

My oldest son's wedding is this Sat and it got me to thinking. My son is more or less a laid back Reclaiming type and is marrying a very nice eclectic witch.

My grandson will be the ring bearer, he's only three but his dad (my youngest) is also Pagan in his beliefs. With all my kids it's more of a philosophy of life, their outlook, something they are more than what they do. Although they do not hesitate to ask me for readings or a spell when in need!

Anyway, back on track, I realized there will be three witchy generations present and involved and of course many witches (and non witches, mainly the brides family) there to celebrate with us. Is this that rare?

I noticed in the holiday threads here at TC many people can't admit or disguise their Solstice Rites, or celebrate Christmas so their families are not upset with them. This would never even cross my mind, but then my parents passed over years ago and I am the Old Generation now.

I am curious, first; how many folks do not think twice about telling people they celebrate Yule or Solstice or whatever non Christmas thing?

Second; how many have more or less Pagan families (more than one generation), family celebrations and the like?

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