Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Creating deity?

Do you believe it's possible for a person, a spirit/entity, or even a thing to be imbued with deification or godlike powers through mankind's reverence or worship? If I started a movement to worship Grelgor, Patron of Socks Lost in the Dryer, and in a year or two's time I had a pretty big group of people all worshipping Grelgor--praying to him, making offerings, and asking for his aid--would that in essence create a deity called Grelgor? What if I started worshipping a dead ancestor? Does my filial piety make them into a god?

A member on another forum I visit believes that gods are human concepts. In other words, they're only gods because we worship them; if no one did, they'd have no power. What do you think of this point of view?

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