Saturday, December 17, 2005

Message Board Back -- On New Server

The message board is back and working -- again. Bob's old server died completely (probably the motherboard, but Bob hasn't had time to carefully check yet). So we are up on a temporary server until Bob can move us (and associated sites -- Asatru Lore, Ta Hiera, etc.) to a new, permanent server.

Bob said in a post in the message linked below: "Sorry for the ups and downs guys, but when hardware craps out, there ain't much I can do about it." The hosts think Bob has gone well beyond the call of duty here and believe he deserves our thanks -- and a keg of his favorite.

Remember, not everything is back, and probably will not be until well after the move to the new permanent machice given that this is the height of the holiday season (Yule, Christmas, Kwanza, New Years). But the board appears to be back. And that's the main thing as the backup board just remindeed the hosts of why we dislike "drill-down" boards.

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