Thursday, March 14, 2013

Writing Your Own Myths

A few of us on this board, it turns out, write original myths. Not re-tellings of existing myths, and not so much myths for a fantasy world conceived as part of a work of fiction, but myths for the here and now.

(Or maybe these other categories of myth should also be examined here? Chime in.)

In another thread where this discussion began, SkySamuelle wrote:

"Part of my religious path involves getting to the core of 'storytelling as sacred art' which is mostly about delving into the initiatic potentialities in telling a story - basically knowing a subject/truth through fictional exploration, admitting that a story that takes form through inspiration is more something 'discovered' than 'created'."

If you write original myths:

1. Why do you write them? What do you hope to get out of it?

2. How can you "trust" them? Do you think they can have the same validity as established myth?

3. Can we even call these things we write myths, since traditional myths are not the work of a single author, but are the product of many storytelling hands over a long period of time, cementing them to the cultures from which they spring?

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