Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Soul Vs Spirit

To my understanding the idea of a Soul is not a universal concept so I suppose this is only for those of you who believe in some definition of a soul.

Now for those that do, is there a difference between a soul, and a spirit? For me there is, but I'm having some trouble pinning it down. Please, allow me to offer my thoughts so far and hopefully one or more of you can help me refine this or give me a totally new insight. :D

So commonly I hear people use the terms soul and spirit almost interchangably, at the same time there is a definite difference between the two. My question is, what is that difference exactly?

So soul: for me, is the animating force of and the connecting force in all things...All things have a soul and in my opinion we all share a soul, a spark, a force... not neccisarily LIFE force, but Potential, is sacred geometry soul is the single point, the origin of all other form and possibility? Soul is Potential?

So soul is exant and exists everywhere in all things at all times. Spirit on the other hand is singular, it is the nature of or the conciousness of a thing. Spirit manifests at individual points in the cycle, It is subject to the flow of time. So it can manifest at point A, or Point B, or point C and F simultaneously but it cannot be everywhere at once. Spirit is individual while soul is shared... I Think.

Anyone else have any theories or opinions of the nature of Spirit and Soul, are they the same? Are they different? If so how?

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