Thursday, March 21, 2013

I just watched a BBC documentary that was fascinating. It was titled the Viking Sagas. After watching it, I have a question about the Laxdaela saga, where Kjartan and Bolli are free to return to Iceland after being prisoner for some time and Kjartan who once was engaged to Guoran, marries another woman and Bolli marries Guoran, who I felt may be jealous of Kjartan's relationship with his new wife, because she asks Bolli to kill Kjartan, which he does. And in turn, a few men are sent out to kill Bolli for his wrongdoing. I was following this story, wrapped up in it, and then it all ended very suddenly with Guoran suddenly becoming a Christian nun and that was it, nothing further.

I guess my question is...what do you guys think about this? Do you really think she suddenly decided to convert to Christianity and why? I thought the purpose of the sagas was to show and teach the right way to live one's life, under the heathenry faith? Or could it be that the Christians got ahold of the stories over time and changed the ending to portray their faith as being the answer to how to live one's life? If the Christians did put their own ending to this story, was this a typical practice? Would the old version be then lost forever?

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