Monday, February 18, 2013

Sad News: Marilyn (Absent/Absentminded)) Passed Over This Afternoon

I have the sad duty to report that TC has lost a staff member and many of us have lost a real friend: Marilyn (aka Absent/Absentminded) had a heart attack today and passed away this afternoon (February 16, 2013). Her health hasn't been good but was very sudden and came as a surprise to all of her family and friends.

The Hosts would like to extend condolences to her husband, to Jubes, and to all of her "real life" family. This is hard on her online family here at TC, but even I can't imagine what her in-person family is going through. I lost my father to a sudden heart attack and know the suddenness of it all make it harder -- even when the person has had major health issues for years.

Marilyn, we will miss you. May you ascend.

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