Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goddess Mono/Henotheism?

In a hypothetical situation where the big 3 monotheisms surrounding male deities collapsed/melted away/became so unpopular they became minorities could (G)goddess* centred religions which are monotheist or henotheist in nature arise to take their place?

Assuming so, what could these belief systems look like if writ large on a nation/region? Would we see temples dedicated to goddess worship replace churches, mosques and synagogues if their congregations became low enough?

Could such religions become monotheist in nature; denying other deities as false? Could they be henotheist; worshipping one deity but acknowledging the existence of others as more than false?

(I attach (G) to 'goddess' in this instance to give the option of either the archetypal Goddess or any other female deity.)

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