Saturday, September 24, 2011

Relationships between gods - going beyond the myth

As hard polytheist, I believe gods evolve and interact with each other over the ages, outside and beyond what our mythologies suggest.

Example - there's little mythology tying Hekate, the goddess I serve, with Dionysos and Hermes, but among Her followers is shared personal gnosis that She is close to both of Them... which is not entirely surprising as they run in the same circles and share a few areas of interest. Often, if you work with Her, Dionysos and Hermes tune in as well- I have a theory about that, on how working with Hekate can come with stagnation phases that necessitate the type of disruption Hermes and Dionysos can easily provide.

At the same ways, I read about at least one Aepheastus follower that remarked about how she was not well-liked by Aphrodite, because marital relationship between Her and her god were hardly smooth- in her upg, Aphrodite finds her husband to be quite boring, while Aephestus much prefers Athene's company over his wife.

In other instances, there are followers of a certain deity that are asked to not seek contact with another certain deity their patron doesn't get along.

So this got me thinking about what we learned in our practices about how our deities interact with each other, about which gods go along (or don't ) with which other gods.

What's your experience or opinion on this subject?

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