Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Alone?

Do you ever feel when your staring into nature you feel like your not alone. Like when you look at the moon, you feel its special, or when the sunsets? when the waves go on the beach do you feel like someone is telling you something? or when you hear animals it sounds like a choir? or even the most simplest thing, looking at the clouds and it still looks like somone is talking to you? Basically do you ever feel like your not alone, and that its a great mystery that will never be solved. if so share your experience.

Here's mine. Every time I look out the window I feel those things I described and I say to myself "this seems planned. man and woman to populate the earth. The four elements for us to survive. Planets in orbit. Day and night, life and death. The connection of everything, such as for us to live something has to die. The seasons. the balance in our universe"

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