Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Money Drawing Spells -- Opinions Please

I have known a lot of people lately who have resorted to money or prosperity spells because of our sick economy and their lack of income. I have never done one myself (despite being in a similar situation as regards finances) because, quite frankly, I can't believe they would work. Here's why...

If a witch or sorcerer/sorceress, etc. had the power to invoke riches, then why wouldn't all of them be rich? I mean, with that kind of power, why do they sell spells on ebay or waste time doing the 9 to 5 routine? Why not, just ask for the winning numbers of the next big lottery or keep using money drawing spells to rake in the bucks? In other words, if they work, why aren't all witches wealthy? (And for that matter, why would they give away the secret by telling others how to do them?)

With other spells -- like love or protection spells, the outcome is sort of arbitrary even after it happens, so you don't really know if it worked or not. But with money, its kind of hard to not know you have it or don't have it. It is not so arbitrary.

What do you think? Do they work? Have you ever had an experience with one of these type spells?

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