Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How do your deities let you know that they are there?

Deities can come to people in many different ways. What are the ways that they come into your life and let you know that they are right there with you?

With Vellamo, I feel closest to her when I am floating in the ocean among the sea foam. She seems motherly; letting the waves envelope me.

With Mielikki, I know she is there with every sigh and flutter of the forest leaves. Any small animal that crosses my path lets me know that she's watching out for all of us in the woods.

With Tapio I can sense him near me VERY strongly when I smell the scent of burning wood and also dragon's blood incense. But it's always more intense with wood... It relates back to the first time I ever felt him.

And with Ukko I feel he is closest to me during a thunderstorm...when the thunder shakes my house, when the lightning illuminates the sky, and when the rain pours down with fury.

Other than that, I get visions and feelings throughout the day that let me know they are watching. Like in the shower I had the strangest vision of Tapio just gazing right through me and I literally stopped moving for a few minutes just to watch him.

How about you guys?

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