Friday, August 19, 2011

How Do You Keep Your Records?

Just a question, how do you keep your records? How do you refer to it (Grimoire, BoS, etc.)? Do you use binders, folders, notebooks, custom-made books, etc.? Do you write it by hand or use computers? How long have you been working on this? Do you have more than one? Does it have any organization? How much would you say you have invested in it? What is contained within it? Do you (or would you) let another copy it/use it? I use an old fashioned three-ring binder with college-ruled, loose-leaf paper and sometimes printed materials. I call it a Grimoire (as that's what I was taught to call it). I do have organization, but I'm trying to separate things and begin using more than one three-ring binder, one for wortcunning, one for spells/rituals, one for meditations/dreams/visions, one for divinations, and one for Deity/Spirit workings/info. I've not been working at it long but I've had it in mind for a while. Also, I do try to write it by hand and then sometimes I will print something out to make it look nicer. I would not let someone copy or use it. I would give them the information they need and then go from there, but I would never let it pass into another's hands.

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