Monday, February 07, 2011

Worshipping Just the Bits Uou Like?

One thing I have found very confusing in my sailing through pagan fora are the 1) changes that seem to have been rung on original myths 2) The very different way people tell one to approach, supplicate or thank a deity and 3) a question (in my mind) of whether or how respect comes into the way different people deal differently with a deity of the same name but which seem very different for all kinds of people.

Does it matter? I was watching a ceremony by a someone who was a priestess of a certain goddess (I am assuming there is some study and also having been chosen? by the deity being worshiped - I could be wrong about that I just don't know). I became very uncomfortable watching this ceremony as it didn't seem to acknowledge the various facets attributed to that deity in any source material I have read. I realize that the myths and beliefs about this deity changed over the course of hundreds of years and also, was thought of in different ways in different places. But. All the places in the ancient world did give a nod to the darker aspects and powers that could be wielded by this deity . It seemed to me that for all the deep and serious intoning going on and the various waving of arms and touching of objects ( some which didn't even exist when this deity was part of some of the 'mysteries') it could go very wrong - a bit like having a tiger by the tail.

But again, maybe it doesn't matter? Is it like saying " yes I know this person and I appreciate this and that quality and just try not to notice the characteristics of them I don't care for"?

One doesn't want to get things wrong and perhaps all that matters is saying the name but it makes me apprehensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether it is important to understand and at least give a nod to most of what is thought to be known about a deity and their powers? I guess I must sound like a softy Walter and perhaps I am but the ceremony didn't seem respectful and it would certainly make me think twice before I tried to approach the characteristics of a deity that I thought were important or that might serve *my* needs only.

I am sure this has been done to death and I have been looking at past posts but can't seem to get a definitive answer to this. Or maybe there isn't one?

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