Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Taking gods with you?

I'm getting ready to head off to a university in a few months. This is surprisingly freeing for me spiritually in most aspects; I'm rooming with my best friend, who is an agnostic Stoic with a fondness for Hermes, which leads to many entertaining discussions to say the least. My problem, actually, is one of my deities. I currently worship/work with three deities. One is Hermes, who is just REALLY EXCITED to be traveling to a huge (party) school. Another is a sky goddess, who...doesn't really care that I'm moving because she is, well, in the sky and thus pretty universal.

The third one is the problem. This boy is a harvest god, probably specifically a wheat god. I only know him because I have a mini wheat field in my backyard that he has decided to live in. We have a very strange relationship; I do not know his name or origin, as it has never been important before, but I make offerings to him and watch over his wheat, and he in turns guides me on some very important things. He is extremely land-based and chthonic; he likes food offerings, and he likes them buried in his soil. However, now that I'm moving, I feel that it will be difficult to keep worshiping him. I have no resources whatsoever except UPG, and my university is in a big city with no wheat fields. He has made it clear that he isn't a land spirit tied to my backyard, so he is willing to come with me.

Do you all have any ideas on how to continue worshiping an obscure harvest god who is very much obsessed with his own cycles of death and rebirth? How exactly do you take a land god with you to a new area? I'm going to try and squeeze some information out of him over the next few months, but he is very much the i'd-rather-watch-you-struggle-for-my-own-amusement kind of guy. So far, my only ideas have been to put a bunch of wheat in a box and take it with me, or to keep a pot of soil in my room and...yeah. I don't even know what I'd do with that. He is very patient and can tolerate me simply saying thanks and whatnot, but it is hard to not do physical things for such a physical god. Any thoughts?

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