Monday, February 14, 2011

Touched by many, kept by few?

Do you think it's possible/does it happen often/do you have experience with being touched/contacted/noticed by multiple deities, but most of them only in passing? What I am trying to say is... Say you have your core god(s)/goddess(es) that you work with. They're the ones you belong to, have contact with on a regular basis, etc. I am sure it's possible that other deities can notice you/say hi/momentarily help you in your life... but do you think it happens often? Or do you think that perhaps the person who encounters this might be a victim of their own hubris?

I, for example, work with three main deities. However, I feel like at some points Athene has come in to referee some parts of my life in passing, and the other day, while meditating, I am pretty danged sure I had a 'vision' of Cernunnos. The latter was just standing there, looking down at me, but I was sure it was him. I am well aware that my mind could have just latched onto something in passing and threw that out at me, and to think that multiple gods float in and out of my life could be my own wish-fulfillment or arrogance...

So I'd like to know what your experiences with this kind of thing are. Has it happened to you? Have multiple deities actually brushed you in passing? Or did you find that you were just happily daydreaming away and it was your own need to be brushed that sent out false messages?

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