Saturday, January 02, 2010

Questions about Sensing Energy

I was wondering about sensing energy. I've been reading up on sensing subtle energies, and practicing. I think I'm starting to get a feel for it, but It's pretty light, and my skeptical voice in the back of my head keeps trying to tell me it's all in my head.

The reason I decided to ask about it is because yesterday I did my first ever ritual; cleansing my room of negative energy. Before I cleansed it I concentrated and started moving around the room with my hands a few inches from the wall (with my eyes closed so I could concentrate better). Every once in a while I would feel a prickly sensation in my hands and open my eyes. It was always when I was at a place where there had been a bad occurrence (ex; where there was a hole punched through my wall) so I interpreted that as negative energy. Then once I thought I was touching something solid (the wall), but when I opened my eyes I was six inches away from it, so I interpreted that as a "stuck" place, or stagnant energy. After I did the ritual I went around again and it felt "soft", like more fluid.

I asked my best friend, who was in the other room, to come in before and after and tell me if he could feel anything, and afterward he said that his hands suddenly felt warm. (He doesn't believe in sensing energy).

My question was, how are different types of energy supposed to feel? Can they feel different to different people? Do you believe in the ability to sense energy, and if so how does it feel to you? If you don't, why not? Am I totally misinterpreting anything? Do you have any advice on how I could improve on this?

On a side note, what is your favorite way to cleanse stuff (sweeping, salt, smudging, etc.) and can you use more than one technique in the same ritual? (I swept, cleansed my tools with salt water, and smudged myself and my room, lol! Is that silly?)

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