Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crystals/Stones: Do you have a favorite?

The other threads currently going on about crystals/stones got me wondering... It seems pretty well established that different stones "work" differently for different people. F'ex, some people love hematite for stress reduction, while it agitates other people.

So, if you work with crystals/stones, do you have favorites for:
-- general purpose?
-- healing?
-- depression?

Are there crystals/stones you won't touch under any circumstances?

To answer my own questions, I like blue moonstone (true moonstone, not rainbow moonstone -- although I do also like rainbow moonstone) and clear quartz for general purpose work. For healing, it depends on what the problem is, but amethyst is usually a good part of the equation for me. And for depression, I love sunstone, opal, and black star diopside. Citrine is also good, but sometimes individual pieces of citrine seem to be too stressed from the heat treatment most of them have gone through to enhance their color.

And, although I think it's beautiful, I hate touching malachite. It feels slimy to me. I also avoid hematite. Just don't like it.

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