Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Physical Fitness a Duty or Part of Your Religion?

Since the New Year, I've begun to incorporate physical fitness back into my life--daily exercise, eating things that mostly don't spend much time in factories, and I've quit drinking. (What a party-pooper I've become, eh? Cheesy) I've tried doing this in the past, but then I was doing it for more aesthetic reasons and invariably failed.

This time I've attached a religious significance to my personal fitness. As an incarnation and aspect of God, I have a responsibility to this physical form in which my mind and spirit reside. I must be a steward to my cells, my kidneys, my brain, etc., so that my spirit and mind can have a fully functioning form in which to move through this life.

It's funny how this mindset has changed my workouts--jumping-jacks and curls are now as sacred as meditation and prayer, which aren't always easy, either.

I know there's yoga and tai chi, and the Pythagoreans incorporated daily gymnastics into they're studies, but I'm curious if anyone else here attaches religious significance to your physical fitness.

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