Monday, March 02, 2009

Help Interpreting This Tarot Spread?

As the title suggests I'd like some help interpreting this tarot spread I did last night. I've been using my Complete Idiots Guide to Tarot Spreads Illustrated and wanted to try something new (usually I just do a Celtic Cross Spread)

Anyway the spread I did is called a Whole Person Scan, it's supposed to be based on Feng Shui. I was using my Goddess Tarot, some of the cards aren't where traditional cards are in the deck.

These are the cards I drew:

Card 1- Health/Heart: 8-Justice

Card 2-Career: King of Pentacles

Card 3-Travel/Helpful People: 21-The World

Card 4-Children/Creativity: Ace of Pentacles

Card 5-Relationship: Six of Swords

Card 6-Fame/Reputation: Nine of Swords

Card 7-Prosperity: Two of Cups

Card 8-Family: Two of Pentacles

Card 9-Skills and Knowledge: 11-Strength

I've looked through the book trying to find out an interpretation for each card placement. It just askes questions for each card.

If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

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