Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Giving Back

How does the idea of "giving back" work into your religion? Does it at all?

Some background... I do a lot of charity work. In the past, I've been heavily involved with a cancer charity, Relay for Life (my mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor). This year, I've begun to be involved in a local charity organization of renfair enthusiasts called "Team Wench". We just put on a feast to raise money for MS walks (and we raised over $11,000 this year) and I'm going to be helping put on a tea that I'm hoping will benefit the American Heart Association. I also donate money when I can to various sorts of charities.

Until recently, I never thought that this could be a service to the Gods. But in thinking about it, I believe any time you give selflessly of yourself, that this "giving back" is sacred... whether that's fundraising, or working at a soup kitchen, removing non-native plant species from the state park, or recycling. As a Wiccan, if I truly believe the idea of "as within, so without" then my giving back to the world also helps make me a more service-oriented person.

So... what about y'all?

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