Monday, March 16, 2009

College School Work and Path Intersecting?

Does anyone ever find the work or reading they need to do for school intersecting with their path?

For example, I am taking Theatre History, so I've been doing some reading on Dionysus, and now I'm thinking I'd like to start doing devotions to Him (well, I am in theatre, so it would be logical Wink -- but moreover I just think I should do so, which may be a not-so-subtle hint).

This is probably because I have been trying to be as scholarly as possible with regards to the Gods I honor and work with, and the ways in which I do so. When I'm engrossed in academia (and have access to such a lovely library) it just seems to be a logical next step.

Anybody else find this?

Conversely, does your path enhance your school experience in any way? Do you find it influencing the choices you make with regards to classes or even majors/minors?

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