Friday, November 16, 2007

What Happens When Deities Get Mad (Nowadays)?

People speak of how dangerous certain deities can be. I certainly believe this to be true, but have no personal experience with it myself. I am pretty sure I'll sound like an ignoramus here, but HOW exactly are they dangerous? What do they do? I know the myths surrounding several such Gods, but what do they do to people now? I'm sure it's not always the same, but does anyone have an example? I have not noticed anyone turned into a spider, a pillar of salt lately.

As for the latter, Yaweh doesn't really do that (particular punishment, at least) anymore. Based on the Torah, He is pretty titchy, but He doesn't seem to be doing many things that strike terror into people's hearts lately. And I don't count certain actions of His followers as counting as scary things He himself has done or would even approve of.

Maybe the deidties have simply become more subtle, doing only things that are either scientifically understandable or else doing less understandable things to only one or a few people.

It's possible that much of the annoying or sad things in my life have been caused because Yaweh got mad at me, but I just don't think that's why my gravy has a tendency to turn out runny and my mother drives me nuts. Christianity's conception of God may be behaving a little differently now that Jesus is part of Him though. And I trust Jesus not to give anyone runny gravy.

Anyway, my point - or my question: if someone pisses off Kali, Loki, or the Morrigan etc. what should they expect? I have no plans to piss of said deities, but I am pretty curious. And would refering to a deity as immature or moody piss the deity off? Does it depend on the deity? Obviously it would be totally inappropriate to say such things during a ceremony, but I can see how those assessments would come up in casual chatter.

I mean, what may happen? Most of you don't believe you're going to be sent to Hell if you piss off some God. Are you going to be tortured by bad dreams? Are you going to get turned into an as yet uncreated bug? A pillar of some sort of cooking seasoning? Have all your kids murdered by a plague? Get hit by a car? Suffer from chronic itching? Be forced to watch Gigli? Have to spend more time with your mother in law? Fall madly in love with Mr. Bean? Suffocate under a pile of beanie babies in a freak accident?!?

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