Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How is Spirituality Relevant to Anything?

Today I was journaling on the Earth element, coming up with all sorts of meanings and correspondences, and feeling like I was doing really well. Then a little voice interuppted my bliss to ask, " is this at all relevant to spirituality?"

Which then snowballed into, "How is this spirituality relevant to anything?"


No wonder I've had such a hard time actually practicing religion (though I'm good at studying it). I've not figured out how religion fits into everyday life. I know some people use religion to set their moral code, but I lived for over 20 years without religion and didn't steal anything or kill anybody. So I guess I don't need it for that.

Why is religion important to you? Why do you need it in your life? How exactly does it relate to every day tasks such as doing your job or shopping for groceries?

These are the questions I guess I need to answer myself, but I would like to hear your responses. And for those of you atheists hanging around, why DON'T you need religion? All points of views would be greatly appreciated.

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