Thursday, November 22, 2007

Partners And Paganism?

I'm curious to know how those of you with, or who have had, non-Pagan but open-minded partners have gotten them involved in your religion? I am certainly not implying conversion or getting them involved against their will. My fiancé flirted with Wicca shortly before we met four and a half years ago. He didn't do much beyond reading Wiccan texts and while he found it all very interesting, he's ultimately very happy being "somewhere between Atheist and Agnostic" (in his words).

As I've recently begun to take my religion to the next level and challenge my understanding with research into a variety of Pagan traditions, as well as magical practices, my partner has voiced interest in getting involved. I know above all, he's most interested in showing support to me, rather than as making a conscious decision to seek out Paganism as a religion for himself. I'd like to know from those of you who have been in similar experiences how you got your partners involved, or at least more informed about your religion, and whether or not it resulted in a good or bad experience for you both in the end?

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