Monday, November 27, 2006

Teaching Children about Yule?

I have been learning about Wicca and many other forms of religion since I was in high school, I started to practice (in the closet). then I met my second husband and I have been able to say that I am out of the broom closet. I have been for a few years, still learning all the time.

I have a daughter that is getting interested with what I do, but I live with my parents at the moment, and they really don't let me do anything where they can see (they are LDS). I am not even allowed to have an altar where they can see. (It is in my closet at the moment *back in the closet dang*)

So I was wondering if anyone know of any sites or activities that would be fun that I could do with my daughter to help teach her about the Goddess and God and the earth without my parents freaking out too much.

I am really interested in something for Yule that kinda tie into Christmas (they really push the CHRIST in Christmas) that I could teach my daughter more about the joy of rebirth and the days getting longer. The God coming back into power. That sort of thing.

Something subtle would be nice.

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