Saturday, November 18, 2006

Personalities, With or Without Cults

How important are individual religious leaders to your religious path?

Is there a tradition founder, a guru, someone with particular contact with the gods, or something similar that you have to deal with? Do you know that individual personally? (Shadow, stop laughing.) Do you believe that person is due some particular reverence because of their status as founder or whatever?

Are there people in any of your religious organisations who are particularly significant? (High priest/ess, perhaps?) What difference does their status make?

Do you think there is a problem in your path with people behaving inappropriately towards Big Name whoevers? Is this likely to show up with overfamiliarity, lack of granting adequate respect for seniority, bowing and scraping?

How do you judge when someone's individual persona is doing its job as a religious leader and when it's leading to inappropriate relationships or causing problems in the religious community?

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