Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Role of Courtesy?

In the light of the holiday season upon us, leading to all kinds of horror stories about being sacrificed upon the altar of family obligations at this time of year and the terrible things our relatives and loved ones inflict upon one another in the name of family celebrations...

How many of you have witnessed religious groups and organizations, by which I mean, study groups, covens, groves, circles or committees such as put on public events like Pagan Pride Day or festivals, destroyed because people simply have bad manners? How many witch wars might have been avoided and friendships salvaged by the simple use of courtesy?

And why do so many people think that courtesy is unnecessary when one is interacting with family and close friends? To my mind, courtesy is more important among those we love: out of love, itself, and affection for the person, as well as out of sheer practicality: we have to live with family and interact with them all our lives. Manners and politeness, sheer courtesy, can make that required contact much more tolerable for everyone. And it is hardly fair to count on others being willing to forgive one's discourtesy out of love. Out of respect for the relationship one should strive to never need forgiveness from family. One will not always succeed; we are only human, after all, but we should try.

Or is this a pipe dream? Should I put away my reading glasses because the lenses are gone pink...?

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