Thursday, February 23, 2006

Taking On Your Deity's Personality Traits?

How many of you, when working with a particular diety or spirit, start taking on bits and pieces of their personality? Or some of their quarks?

The only "Gods" (spirits, really) I've worked with are Loa and the Orisha; and two in particular, Papa Samdi and Yemaja. As I am slowly switching my focus from Samdi to Yemaja, I've noticed the traits I recieved from Samdi (the loud, obnoxious, drunk side) has lessons greatly while certain feminine traits from Yemaja have reared their ugly head.

So, I'm just wondering if their works with the other pantheons out there. I hear this is very common in Loa and Orisha, who are though to sit in your head and thus their influences are always there. I've never really heard of it from other pantheons, except from people who've drawn down and didn't get it out of them fully.

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