Monday, February 13, 2006

Practical Magic: Anthropologies

To paraphrase Socraties, "only the mind and soul can comprehend that which cannot be experienced through the senses" so, after we have determined what the universe holds in our "cosmology", we next must determine the nature of the "soul" and how that effects our outlook.

In your belief and practice of magic:

1) What is the nature of your whole being, possibly including your "soul"?

2) What does your soul / astral self / spiritual side / etc. see and experience in the world that your physical self cannot?

3) How does this effect your goals and motivations?

4) What do you want to accomplish in your practice of magic and why?

As in other "Practical Magic" questions, there are no right and wrong answers as long as you give some thought to what you, yourself believe.

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